07 June 2024

The Ellinikon Moments | Talks


A Talk by Historian and Professor Emerita Maria Efthimiou as part of “The Ellinikon Moments” platform.

On Wednesday, June 19th, at The Ellinikon Experience Centre, LAMDA Development’s “The Ellinikon Moments” welcomes acclaimed historian, author, researcher and award-winning university professor Maria Efthimiou as part of the platform’s “Talks” pillar.

As Maria Efthimiou says, “The Greeks have been competitive in the entrepreneurship sector since Mycenaean times and have maintained their performance even in contemporary times, up to the present day. Their main field is the sea, but they also excel on land, showcasing particularly good performance during the period of Ottoman rule and the ‘long’ 19th century.”

The event titled “Entrepreneurship and Greeks: A mindset deeply rooted in history”, with a fascinating narration expected by Maria Efthimiou, will be held on Wednesday, June 19th at 19:30 at The Ellinikon Experience Centre. Entry is free, but a reservation is required via this link. The “Talk” will also be livestreamed on The Ellinikon’s YouTube channel.

The Ellinikon Moments | Talks

Through "The Ellinikon Moments" platform, LAMDA Development hosts a series of talks and events designed to highlight the rich history and culture of The Ellinikon area. These activities also preview the future of The Ellinikon, showcasing the vision for its transformation into a modern and sustainable urban center.

The “Talks” were launched in October 2023 with an inspirational presentation by Olympic champion Nikos Kaklamanakis and continued in February 2024 with a insightful talk by Architect-Landscape Architect Thomas Doxiadis.

In the coming months, both the “Talks” pillar and the other thematic pillars of “The Ellinikon Moments”, namely “Culture” and “Heritage”, will be expanded with new activations.

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