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11 October 2023

«The Ellinikon Moments»

Talks - Culture - Heritage

Open-to-the-public events, thematic activities, and unique experiences support LAMDA Development’s new institution

LAMDA Development expands “The Ellinikon Moments”, the institution launched with immense public participation, last summer and announces a series of events that will take place at The Ellinikon Experience Centre and The Ellinikon Experience Park.

Talks, Culture and Heritage are the three sections under which thematic events will be implemented, aiming to inform and entertain the community, as well as to highlight the historical and cultural heritage of the region, connecting its past, with the present and future of The Ellinikon.

• The Talks pillar presents inspiring speeches by distinguished Greek and foreign speakers.

• The Culture pillar includes artistic events and is supported by important cultural institutions of the country.

• The Heritage pillar focuses on highlighting the cultural and historical heritage of The Ellinikon.

The “The Ellinikon Moments” program starts this autumn, featuring events under the “Talks” pillar.

On Thursday, October 19 at 18:00, The Ellinikon Experience Centre will welcome Olympic champion Nikos Kaklamanakis. The accomplished Greek athlete will inspire the audience of the introductory “Talk” entitled “From Dreaming to Achieving”, drawing on knowledge and experiences from his unique career as a top-level athlete.

The event will be moderated by journalist Christina Vrachali. Admission is free, but reservation is required via the link Sports Talk | Tickets , until October 18th.

In the forthcoming months, new events with different guests will be announced under the “Talks” pillar, as well as additional activities that will accompany all three pillars, during the next year.

Through “The Ellinikon Moments”, The Ellinikon Experience Centre and The Ellinikon Experience Park become, once again, a point of mention and a meeting place for the citizens and visitors of Athens, creating unique moments and experiences for everyone.

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